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Cover Sápmi skies      Backcover Sápmi skies

“SÁPMI SKIES – myth and science over Swedish Lapland”
An artistic journey through the mystical Sami mythology and the fantastic sky phenomena in the northernmost area of Sweden

by Thomas Kuhn and Consuelo Griggio – Pictures by Andrea Barghi Goaskim, Paintings by Inga-Wiktoria Påve.

Book with magnetic bookmark. Swedish/English languages, cm 24×28, paperback cover, 96 pages

35 EUR (330 SEK)

With interviews to Johan Märak, Bertil Pittsa and others representing the living memory of the Sami community and poems of the Sami poet par excellence Nils-Aslak Valkeapää – Áillohaš.
A project in collaboration with Ájtte – Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum

“SÁPMI SKIES – Myth and science over Swedish Lapland” is a wondrous journey through two dimensions of the sky in the Swedish Arctic: the mythological and the scientific. This book wishes to stimulate a dialogue between science and Sami mythology by recognising the intrinsic value of both viewpoints. It is organised as a four-voice conversation in which stunning Arctic sky phenomena such as the northern lights, sun pillars, and sun dogs are presented and interpreted through Sami stories and memories, scientific explanations, pictures and paintings.

Anthropologist Consuelo Griggio (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) and Natural scientist Thomas Kuhn (Luleå University of Technology, Sweden) join their passion and knowledge of their respective fields and embark in a project in which native mythology and science share a beautiful and magical place, namely Swedish Lappland.

The touching and intense pictures taken by photographer Andrea Barghi Goaskim illustrate the sky phenomena – from the sensual Aurora Borealis to the ethereal Mother of Pearl cloud – that make the Arctic sky fascinating and mythical at the same time. The paintings by the young Sámi artist Inga-Wiktoria Påve illustrate with a visionary painting style the part related to the Sami stories.

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Cover %22Naturen är mitt kök%22

Greta Huuva’s  “NATURE IS MY KITCHEN – Healthy Sámi food culture”


book and film 28 EUR – (270 SEK)

BOOK: English/Swedish languages, cm 26×24, paperback cover, 104 pages

 2014 was for us Italians living in the North of Sweden a year of return to the roots, those of food deeply rooted in nature, as taught by the culture of the Sámi. “NATURE IS MY KITCHEN”, which consists of a book and a film, was born almost spontaneously from the encounter with Greta Huuva, one of the most authoritative representatives of the Sami food culture, who was exceptionally our guide to the discovery of ancient knowledge and tastes.

Back to the mountains     Baking bread in the lavvu

“All food in the Sámi culture is nutritious and acts as a natural medicine for the body and soul.
Greta Huuva passionately embodies this philosophy through her work as a Sámi chef, as a modern day medicine woman, and a Sámi food ambassador.
The foundations of this book, and the accompanying film, are based on Greta’s exceptional knowledge of food and cooking, and the use of plants and herbs within the world of the Sámi that has almost been forgotten.
Greta Huuva’s commitment goes well beyond the preservation of knowledge, and is characterised by a desire to pass on her wisdom to future generations.”

Book and DVD

FILM: 30 minutes – Language: Swedish with English subtitles, narrated by Greta Huuva

Trailer of the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdsRAhDeHC0



“LAPONIA -Nature and Natives”

The Sámi indigenous people living with nature in the UNESCO site

Book, map and film  – 37 EUR  (350 SEK)

Open book

With a preface of James Anaya – UN Special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples

and an introduction of Bertil Pittsa – elder of the Unna tjerusj sameby

A project in collaboration with Ájtte – Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNyYYAkBQ9o

A vision of Laponia, an emotional experience of the italian photographer and filmmaker Andrea Barghi, where the Sámi music merges with the sounds of nature, the call of the golden eagle echoes in the vast spaces.

Back to the mountains

Three years of work in Laponia, the greatest and oldest symbol of nature protected in Europe, with the Sámi, the last indigenous people of Western Europe… a life journey to tell of the symbiotical relation between Man and Nature as an inspiring model of sustainable life and to discover the mistery of their atavistic connection.

Some of the participants in the historical “Laponia Process” describe the long and complex journey, which, for the first time in the world, has led to a group with a majority of indigenous people managing the land that has always belonged to them.


English/Swedish languages, cm 24×30, paperback cover, 208 pages
Map cover
English/Swedish languages, cm 44×52, hand-illustrated
Folder DVD
Film of 35 minutes – no dialogues
Songs of the Lulesámi music group Jarnna and yoik of Apmut Ivar Kuoljok
Extras: the dvd includes an interview in english to Jarnna and to Michael Telius, one of the maker of the Laponia process
VEGAscapes cover
“VEGAscapes – Views of the Vega Archipelago of Norway”
Text and photos Consuelo Griggio and the Vegafotoklubb
English/German languages, cm 24×22, cardboardcover, 58 pages
22 EUR  (170 NOK)
VEGAscapes is a very special project born from the passion of the anthropologist Consuelo Griggio and the Vegafotoklubb, a group of enthusiastic, amateaur photographers-islanders.
Consuelo felt in love with the VEGA archipelago in Norway and decided to spend several months there for a field research.
VEGAscapes is a fascinating journey through the archipelago different scapes (landscapes, seascapes…) but most of all the soul of these places, in very good company!
“The Vega Archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, is a complex and varied landscape in which distinctive natural and cultural features have been created through the continuous interaction between islanders and their environment.
VEGAscapes is a collection of pictures and impressions from the archipelago’s diverse landscapes as experienced by the people who inhabit and love it.”    
Consuelo Griggio
All the profits of this book will support the public library in Vega.
For orders send an email to the Vegafotoklubb: likolaenn@hotmail.com





“SASSOFRATINO – Essence of Nature”,  discovering an italian treasure of biodiversity


Texts Andrea Barghi  and Claudio D’Amico

Photos Andrea Barghi

Paperback book, cm 30×30, Pagg. 136 + cover, Italian/english –  EUR 35

Published in 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, it’s a celebrative book of the Sassofratino Natural strict reserve, a jewel of biodiversity and the first one estabilished in Italy, in its 50th anniversary.

A long story of love and protection told throught the images by Andrea Barghi and the words of one of his keeper Claudio D’Amico.

With a preface of Fulco Pratesi, honorary president of WWF Italy and texts of Francesco Petretti and Cesare Patrone

Under the patronage of WWF Italy and the Italian Forestry Corps

Introduction by Francesco Petretti:

In the year dedicated to Biodiversity, Andrea Barghi and Claudio D’Amico, a photographer the former, a writer and forest ranger the latter, both naturalists, celebrate the natural reserve of Sasso Fratino, a temple of Biodiversity. They compare it, in an ideal twinning, to the great wild area of the Swedish Lapland, the national park of Muddus, also a temple of uncontaminated nature in Third Millennium Europe.(…)

Sasso Fratino is something of a second home: a forest still hidden in that mysterious and magic Apennine chain they know very well. They love its trunks and lichens, mosses and mushrooms, soft bird songs and the loud beating of woodpeckers, the mighty bell of deer and the sweet melody of crickets, the babble of brooks and the rumbling of water-falls.  

There are so many secret reasons bringing, for years, Andrea Barghi and Claudio D’Amico to face tiring marches between the bushes and the thorns, long waits in the fog and with their feet in the snow in order to tell of deer and roes, foxes and chaffinches, spider orchids and firs. But first of all, perhaps, it is their feeling part of a world they are main protagonists, as well as wild creatures.(…)

“SASSOFRATINO – Essenza della Natura”, alla scoperta di un tesoro italiano di biodiversità

Testi di Andrea Barghi e Claudio D’Amico

Foto di Andrea Barghi

Libro in brossura, cm 30×30, Pagg. 136 + copertina, Italiano/inglese  –  EUR 35

Pubblicato nel 2012, anno internazionale della Biodiversità, è un libro celebrativo della Riserva Naturale Integrale di Sassofratino, un gioiello di biodiversità e la prima stabilita in Italia, nel suo 50° anniversario.

Una lunga storia d’amore e di protezione raccontata attraverso le immagini di Andrea Barghi e le parole di uno dei suoi custodi, Claudio D’Amico

Con prefazione di Fulco Pratesi, presidente onorario del WWF Italia e testi di Francesco Petretti e Cesare Patrone

Con il patrocinio di WWF Italia e Corpo Forestale dello Stato

Introduzione di Francesco Petretti

“Nell’anno dedicato alla Biodiversità, Andrea Barghi e Claudio D’Amico, fotografo il primo, scrittore e forestale il secondo, naturalisti entrambi, celebrano la riserva naturale di Sasso Fratino, tempio della Biodiversità e l’accostano, in un ideale gemellaggio, alla grande area selvaggia della Lapponia svedese, il parco nazionale di Muddus, anch’esso tempio della natura incontaminata nell’Europa del Terzo Millennio.(…)

Sasso Fratino è un po’ la loro seconda casa: una foresta annidata in quell’Appennino ancora misterioso e magico che ben conoscono e di cui amano tronchi e licheni, muschi e funghi, canti sommessi di uccelli e tamburellare sonoro di picchi, bramito possente di cervi e dolce melodia di grilli, mormorio di ruscelli e tuonare di cascate.

Sono tante le motivazioni intime che da anni portano Andrea Barghi e Claudio D’Amico ad affrontare marce stancanti fra i cespugli e le spine, lunghe attese nella nebbia e con i piedi nella neve per raccontare di cervi e caprioli, volpi e fringuelli, orchidee e abeti. Ma prima fra tutte, forse, è questo sentirsi parte di un mondo di cui essi sono attori protagonisti, al pari delle creature selvatiche. (…) “




  1. Carlo Sappino said:

    Buona sera Andrea,
    la copertina di Orizzonti mi ha attratto molto … per caso in secondo piano è la Burraia e il passo della Calla e il “taglio” che si vede calare a destra la statale che scende verso Santa Sofia?
    Un caro saluto
    Carlo Sappino

  2. Linda Valles said:

    I love the Casentino Forest I have never been there and I probably never will go there but I have seen so much of it in pictures!

    • Hi Linda, thank you for your kind comment. Casentino Forests are among the most beautiful natural places in Italy. The photographer Andrea Barghi has lived there for more than 25 years, loving and portraiting them in their essence. Both the books Sassofratino – Essence of Nature and Orizzonti are a journey throughout their beauty.

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